Mothers and calves

We are a homestead family with a relatively small beef herd of approximately 40 cattle, providing naturally-raised grass-fed beef to health-conscious customers in the Ottawa Valley at reasonable prices - starting as low as  $7.75  per pound!

Option available to meet in Ottawa
West end, Central or East end.
We can arrange details by email.
($14 fee to cover transportation and handling)


Last update: May 19, 2022

We expect to have a moderate amount of young beef available throughout the summer and fall. If you place an order, it will go into a queue and I will contact you when it is available. If you change your mind later - no problem - you can cancel any time before we arrange delivery.

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About Our Farm and Family:
Hello, my name is L.J. Helferty. My wife Joan & I raise cattle on a 200 acre farm that has been in the Helferty family for about 100 years. The farm is situated approximately 120 km west of Ottawa, near Douglas, Ontario. Our herd consists of about 40 mixed hereford, limousin, black angus, and charolais cattle. They all roam the pastures together. None of the cattle are ever separated from each other. It is not uncommon to see a mother, daughter and grand-daughter 'hanging-out' together in our herd. We have always farmed naturally but until 2008 we sold our cattle on the regular market. It takes a lot of extra work to farm naturally, and our cattle were going into the 'regular' market where 'natural' isn't appreciated, so we decided to offer our totally natural beef to residents of the Ottawa Valley through this web site. Our farm is not certified organic by any certification body in Ontario. However, our stewardship of our livestock and land is what I categorize as beyond organic.
Big changes in 2018! In the last months of 2018, Joan & I moved off the farm and one of our sons and his wife and growing family moved onto the farm. The generations of Helferty ownership continue! Through an arrangement with our son, we are going to carry on raising and selling our natural grass-fed beef - but with a smaller herd. We have moved our freezers to the property that we purchased nearby, so I can prepare our orders there. It's business as usual - just smaller than before!

What's in Our Beef:
  • natural pasture in the summer on our farm
  • natural hay in the winter
  • (if there is a shortage, I purchase some hay from my neighbours)
  • salt
  • mineral
What's NOT in Our Beef:
  • no growth promoting hormones
  • no antibiotics in our cattle food 
  • no pesticides or herbicides used on our crops 
  • no chemical fertilizers used on our crops
  • no feedlot confinement
  • no genetically modified crops
  • no grain or corn

Hello there

Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef:

Grass-fed beef (as opposed to grain-fed or corn-fed) is considered to be more healthy.  Try doing a google search and you'll find lots of information about it, or visit

Processing & Packaging:
All of our beef is processed in a local government-inspected facility and frozen in meat-wrapping paper.  

Grass-Fed Beef is Different from Conventional Beef!
Conventional beef is usually fattened with grain and/or corn so the cuts contain more marbling than grass-fed beef.  This influences the flavour and texture, especially with steaks!  ALL of our steaks and roasts come from young beef in an effort to make them as tender as possible.   When cooking, it is important to keep grass-fed roasts and steaks as moist as possible. Burgers on the grill
Some of our customers have told us that our ground beef contains less fat than extra-lean ground beef from the grocery store.  Our family prefers young ground beef for barbecued hamburgers (every Saturday, year round!) and we enjoy mature ground beef in spaghetti sauce, chile sauce, lasagna, etc.  However, some of our customers prefer the mature ground beef for their burgers too!
 Did you know... conventional beef is usually aged in sealed plastic.  This type of aging keeps more moisture in the beef so it weighs more (more water!) than dry-aged beef.  Our beef is dry-aged by the butcher the traditional way, for 10-14 days.
OUR RECOMMENDATION to FIRST-TIME CUSTOMERS - order a Sample Pack and a few packages of mature ground beef.  Then you'll be able to try some of everything!

Purchase Options:
All of the options listed below are on our Online Order Form, except
Individual Steaks/Roasts.  For Individual Steaks/Roasts, please email your request to
We offer several purchase options, all totally natural!  Our pricing is very simple and straightforward!  No surprises! What do we mean by no surprises?  Sometimes you see beef advertised at a certain price per pound by the side.  The amount you pay is determined by the weight of the side before it is cut and packaged, and the bones and fat and trimmings are removed.  You bring home a lot less beef than you paid for.  We don't sell our beef that way.  If you buy 20 pounds of beef from us, you'll get 20 pounds of beef, and there are no additional or hidden charges.  For example, our prices include cutting & wrapping.  You only pay the prices you see listed here!(plus delivery)  Note: Prices on your invoice will match the prices posted on this website at the time of delivery. You will be made aware of current prices for your order when you are contacted
If this is your first time buying beef directly from a farmer and you want to give several cuts of our beef a try, we recommend Sample Pack S, Sample Pack G or Sample Pack R. (Details below)  Many of our customers just re-order Sample Packs because of limited freezer space!  That's fine too!
To ensure top quality and satisfaction, our mature beef cattle are used mostly for lean ground beef - and we sell it for only $7.75 per pound, available in approximately 1-pound packages.  Sometimes we have limited quantities of mature beef tenderloin available for $15.95/pound.
30 months of age or younger (usually younger!)
Sample Pack S - More Steaks than Roasts
$180 - 20 pounds (usually over 20 pounds!),
consisting of  approximately
  • 7 pounds of assorted steaks (individually wrapped - including at least 4 pounds of T-Bone, Rib, Wing,  and/or Sirloin)
  • 3 pounds of young beef roast(s)
  • 10 pounds of amazing lean ground beef in approx one-pound pkg  (option to substitute 1 or more pkg of boneless stew)
Sample Pack G - Steaks and Ground- $195 -  20 pounds (usually over 20 pounds!), consisting of  approximately
  • 10 pounds of assorted steaks (individually wrapped- including at least 6 pounds of T-Bone, Rib, Wing, and/or Sirloin)
  • 10 pounds of amazing lean ground beef in approx one-pound pkg  (option to substitute 1 or more pkg of boneless stew)
Sample Pack R - More Roasts than Steaks - $180 - 20 pounds (usually over 20 pounds!), consisting of approximately
  • 7 pounds of assorted roasts
  • 3 pounds of premium steak (individually wrapped - T-Bone, Rib, Wing and/or Sirloin)
  • 10 pounds of amazing lean ground beef in approx one-pound pkg (option to substitute 1 or more pkg of boneless stew) 
Whole, Side, or Half-a-Side of Young beef at $8.75 per pound  
  • This option gives you the greatest variety of cuts and includes all of the premium cuts!
  • Approximately half 'steaks & roasts' and half 'amazing lean ground beef' and stew
  • Half-a-Side is usually 100-125 pounds 
  • You can pre-order, specifying sizes and types of cuts/packages you prefer using our Online Order Form
Heart, Liver, Tongue, Soup Bones, Kidneys:
  • $3.95/pound (it costs us over $0.70/pound just for cutting and wrapping!)
  • one package of liver, soup bones or kidneys FREE with any order (when available)

Braising Ribs: $7.75/pound
(Also known as flanken-style ribs)
Oxtail: $5.95/pound
Individual Young Steaks/Roasts -when available from our inventory (E-mail inquiries to
  • Steaks: (Individually Wrapped)
    • T-Bone $23.50/pound
    • Rib $22.00/pound
    • Wing $19.75/pound
    • Sirloin $15.15/pound
    • Eye-of-the-Round $13.45/pound
    • Round  $11.15/pound
    • Blade $9.55/pound
    • Flank $9.05/pound
    • Skirt $9.05/pound
  • Roasts: (Approximately 3-pounds)
    • Rib $19.75/pound
    • Sirloin Tip $15.15/pound
    • Sirloin Steak Roast $14.25/pound
    • Eye-of-the-Round $12.75/pound
    • Round Steak Roast $10.45/pound
    • Rump $9.95/pound
    • Boston $9.50/pound
    • Blade $8.95/pound
Amazing Lean Ground Young Beef:
  • Available in approximately 1-pound packages ($8.75/pound)
Amazing Young Beef Boneless Stew:
  • Available in approximately 1-pound packages ($8.75/pound)
Ordering & Delivery/Pick-up:
In order to make our operation financially viable, we usually only accept orders amounting to $75 or more.  We will deliver in Ottawa and west of Ottawa for a small fee, usually $14;  east of St. Laurent (Orleans area) and south of Hunt Club (Manotick, Barrhaven area) for $19. If you are from further out of Ottawa, we can arrange to meet somewhere within the city ($14 fee).   If you would prefer to pick up your beef at our home workshop located about 125 km west of Ottawa(no fee), we will e-mail you directions and arrange a convenient time. 

Payment/Purchase Policy:
You can pay by cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB or Discover) when your order is delivered/picked up, by e-mail money transfer, or you can use a credit card or debit card to make your payment via PayPal (there is no fee for this service).  Here's the purchasing process:
  1. Complete our Online Order Form.  E-mail us ( or call us (613-628-9000) if you have questions.
  2. We usually reply to e-mails within 48 hours to answer your questions and/or verify that we have your order in stock.  If you have placed an order, we will e-mail you a copy of your invoice. NOTE: Check your junk/spam e-mail folder if you don't notice a response from us.  Some e-mail filters file unrecognized mail into the junk/spam e-mail folder!  
  3. Pay by cash or credit card on delivery/pick-up, by email money transfer, or byPayPal (instructions and a link will be provided with your invoice). 
  4. Take delivery at your residence or pick-up at our home workshop and enjoy the benefits of totally natural beef!
Contact Us: A Word About Our Farming Neighbours:
We have the best neighbours in the world!  Most of them farm using the 'agri-business' method, using fertilizers and sprays to maximize yields and minimize risks.  They don't have much choice!  Input costs (land, machinery, fuel, etc.) for farmers continue to rise dramatically, and the prices they receive for most of their products continue to decline!  For example, when you purchase a box of corn cereal for $3.50, about 11 cents goes to the farmer - the rest goes to the processors and grocers!  It's not much better in most other types of farming! We admire our neighbours! You would probably be astounded to discover the investment, work, creativity and commitment required to survive in the farming business these days!